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    Alright I've been out of touch for a bit, this semester has taken me down a long road of torture and a severe decline in my gaming. But now the semester is over and I shall once again resume my reviewing. I shall start with a new game that I actually thought would be good.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    The general rule is that movie games suck. Usually it applies very well. I had been following the development of the game for awhile and it actually looked like a game that would be good, not just a movie tie-in that they developed in a few months. Of course I was still skeptical because it was a movie game.

    Raven however did not meet my expectations. They actually made a good game! That's right, if you'll believe it a movie game came out that is actually playable and even fun!

    If you are a fan of Wolverine then this game finally is what he was supposed to be like. No holds barred. Slicing through dudes all day with his claws. Awesome instant kills and decapitations and just blood and gore flying all over the place, its great.

    The game looks good and the controls take very little time to master. The combat is fast, visceral, and very rewarding. The AI is a little lack luster but I doubt I would be too excited to fight Wolverine either. Playing as an angry Canadian has never been so much fun!

    That being said the game does have some issues but nothing too serious. As with any hack and slash game the environments are largely forgettable and canned, especially on the indoor levels. As you might expect the game does get repetitive after awhile as you mow your way through helpless soldiers. But hey that's all well and good considering that its a hack and slash. As long as there are some heads rolling its all good.

    Let me be clear, this game is not for the younger fans of Wolvie. To get such a bloody M rated game from a PG-13 movie is kinda hard to believe. The game doesn't follow the movie all the way but there are recognizable scenes. The story is the same one that we get from the comics that makes your head spin and just makes you wonder when they will start to make sense of the whole thing.

    So if you are looking for a deep game experience with lots of replay value, this isn't what you are looking for.

    If you want to see what kind of damage a set of adamantium claws will do, then by all means pick this one up and give her a whirl, bub.

    Gameplay: Fast, Fun and Vicious
    Graphics: Character models look good. Environments, not so much
    Sound: Its there
    Replay: Low, some costumes to unlock but not much else

    Final Score: 7/10

    ~Ride Hard, Game On!

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