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    X-PLAY best of '09

    Well this show was so much better than the VGAs. All they did was give the awards and get out, no musical guests or celebrity flim-flam. That, and the fact that X-PLAY and G4 in general has more cred than does Spike. Atleast to me.

    When its all said and done the awards are out and the flaming has begun. For me school is out and I am ready to enjoy some time off. Oh and I still really wanna play Uncharted 2. But for now friends that is all.

    ~Ride Hard, Game On!


    So yea the VGAs...

    E Alright so I watched the VGAs on Spike that I got on my DVR. I was dissapointed honestly. I mean they play it up as this huge event that rocks the gaming world forevar!!!1! Needless to say for me it didn't. I really don't care about like watching Snoop Dogg (nothing against the D-O double G) but like celebrities are great and all but I really feel like it takes some of the focus off the games. That might be just me though. I guess it would be different if I attended in person, or if I was hanging with some friends scarfing pizza and laughing at Tony Hawk's smushed face. To be fair Hawk did have a good joke about Action/Adventure games.

    As you can see my major gripes are about the presentation, not the actual awards. Honestly I could care less who Spike TV thinks has the best original soundtrack, or the best male voice actor. (Mark Hammil got robbed lol) If I like a game, I like it and don't care what people think. (yea I am talking to everyone who gave me crap about Too Human) Like I cant even give an opinion on 3 of the 4 nominees for Game of the Year because I haven't played them, but I hear Uncharted 2 is the schizz and I really wanna play it. Sadly I don't see a PS3 in my future, atleast not for the next few years. College and all you know

    The real reason to watch this thing is the trailers, and the hot chick from house.

    There were some good trailers to be sure:
    A Batman Game
    Crackdown 2
    Halo: Reach
    Medal of Honor
    Prince of Persia
    Spec Ops
    Tron Evolution
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

    So you can check all the trailers out at Spike's VGA site

    Well I gotta go because it is 3AM and I have 2 exams in the morning.

    ~Ride Hard, Game On!



    The Force Unleashed-er

    Yea thats right tonight at the VGAs on Spike along with a handful of other reveals came the newest offering from Lucasarts. It seems that we are getting to dive back into the role of Starkiller and his crazy force powers, and honestly who doesn't want to do that?
    What? Oh you want to see the trailer? No problem... Trailer

    Yea its all CG but that didn't stop us from salivating over the first game before it released. If you'll remember that's all we had for awhile so hey its not like its a new thing. From what little the trailer reveals we can assume Starkiller lived (spoiler alert if you didn't beat the first game) and he is dealing with some emotional stuff following the right path, etc.

    Then the coup de grace, dude whips out dual sabers and brains a big beastie thing (I feel so bad I don't know what it's called. Shame on me) then the trailer ends but not all hope dies with it friends, oh no. At the end of the trailer is a link to a website:

    There you can register for a newsletter and view what I assume will be an HD trailer on the 14th (Monday) if you aren't cool like me and already have it on your website.

    Anyway, really intrigued by this and I am sure all you nerds are too. Until next time...

    ~Ride Hard, Game On!

    p.s. next time expect a full recap of the VGAs

    The outcome

    Well I flip-flopped on this to be honest. At first I thought that AndroBlogger was going down because of force close issues but there were issues with being able to preview posts on Blogaway.

    I thought that with rich text using blogaway would be the way to go. Unfortunately the hyperlink failed that really hurt the decisions.

    Still I felt that with the force closes AndroBlogger would loose. But in the end I felt like the interface of Blogaway wasnt well done well enough to be a long term use program. It just felt clunky and not well thought out.

    I will be using AndroBlogger from now on. And I kinda like to code. :)

    Now part deaux

    Alright well I took a break for dinner so here is the app known as Blogaway. Fairly easy to set up but some issues at loading blogs to read. Other than that it does have rich text. But it is difficult to use on android not having multi touch. Now ofcourse have to do a hyperlink <a href="">the final challenge</a>

    Alright well who's ready for the verdict?

    well I guess I should give it a go.

    I have a new genius phone so I am giving 2 android blogging apps a whirl. This post is from AndroBlogger. Standard html encoding for formatting of course we all know the real test in html code is with hyperlinks the final challenge.

    Gonna try the other app now