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    Bullet Witch?

    Atari's magical mishap...

    Some of you may be wondering what exactly Bullet Witch is. It's a game made by the original game company Atari. I know some of you are turned off already but stick around you might just see something you like. I found the game on a bargain table at Best Buy after buying a movie. The game was $10 for a 360 you know that's an insane price. I figured we'd end up watching the movie later anyway so I picked it up, even if it stunk at least there was a hot chick in the game.

    So I get home and pop the disk in. I am greeted with all the logos and stuff and then there's this very well done intro screen telling me how demons were unleashed on the planet and were messing everything up. Then you learn about a young girl named Alicia who happens to be a witch with a demon of her own living inside her. The story is accompanied by a nice song and the graphics themselves are nice too.

    So you start up a new game and you get the traditional tutorial level and get to blast the crap out of your enemies with this weapon that looks surprisingly like a witches broom called a GunRod. I know not very original, but very awesome because it does cool stuff and you can beat people with it when they annoy you. So in the first level you go around this town killing bad guys and helping citizens with your magic. Oh Yea! The girl does these cool flips and cartwheels and stuff and its awesome looking! Anyone can grab a controller and have a good time with this game, difficult though because it did pick up an M rating but fun none the less. OK so after 6 levels of the redundant blasting of bad guys big, small, and annoying. Meeting some big muscle-bound guy and his resistance you beat the game after killing the king of demons or something like that, and get 250 gamer points along the way. Believe it or not the story satisfied me and I felt good after beating the game.

    The game got left off the charts as it wasn't received all that well and it wasn't publicized at all to my knowledge an unfortunate habit of games that aren't "mainstream"I know you're thinking, well whats the catch? The catch is when you're playing this game you will get so frustrated at how incredibly stupid your opponents are. You throw a car their direction and they all bunch up to get in the way. You knock down a water tower? They jump into the way of the big steel pipes. The worst part about it? When you shoot the basic enemy from 2 feet away with a fully upgraded shotgun blast, they get back up. FTW!? Not to mention you will be doing the exact same thing for the 2 hours it takes to beat this game. There are some deviations like the boss fights but those don't last long, except the one on the plane but it gets annoying when that thing knocks you off the plane and you have to start ALL over.

    The Rough:
    Concept: A new, good looking way, to see the end of the human race
    Graphics: She sure is purty.... and the rest of the game doesn't look all that bad.
    Sound: A very nice rich soundtrack always sounds better on Dolby, so does this.Playability: If you can pick up a controller you can play this game, if you can find it is another question
    Entertainment: A hot chick with a giant gun saving the world? Sounds like a good time to me. Though it does get repetitive at times
    Replay Value: despite the difficulty levels and ability to upgrade all your powers to the maximum, most wont make it through this game once, much less twice. (Low)

    Overall: 4.5/10

    Parting Shot: If you remember the game P.N. 03 for the GameCube this will remind you of it just its nowhere near as good. So the 10 of you who played P.N. 03 might enjoy this game and the rest of you, well for $10 you can spend 2 or 3 hours looking at a hot chick with a big gun.

    ~Ride Hard, Game On!

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