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    Master time, and lay the wood...

    I got my hands on the TimeShift demo a week or so ago and really enjoyed it, even if it was just the first level of the game that they let you get a peice of. Come with me to a time where time travel is more than science fiction as we embark on our time with TimeShift.

    The scene comes into focus and you can hear men talking as you look through a section of missing boards you see uniformed men harrasing 2 unarmed people. You slide around the alley and happen across a rifle. You pick it up and shoulder it just as another uniformed man comes into view. You sqeeze a few rounds off and drop him. As you continue further somthing appears infront of you telling you to press the Left Bumper, you do so and everything stops; bullets, rain drops, blood spatter all freeze allowing you to move unhindered and take out the two harrasing the civilians.

    This all takes place in the space of about 10 senconds. It really got me excited and I played through the demo a few times, ok more like 6, and got through the stage on all the difficulties. There are many good points about the game. I like the concept, the obvious time spent in developing the game and last but definately not least, the visuals. This game is a treat to look at from the character models from the smoke to the raindrops frozen in time. There are some minor control issues, like they're hard to get used to and sometimes when you zoom, the accuracy goes down (odd). I can chock those up to human error I suppose.

    As with all previews, judgement awaits the official release

    Parting Shot: All in all a good game and will, just from what I've seen demo-wise will definately be a holiday buy for me. Not sure if it'll make your list? Check out the demo for yourself on the Xbox Live Marketplace, to the best of my knowledge it's still there. Go for it.

    ~Ride Hard, Game On!

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