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    Now part deaux

    Alright well I took a break for dinner so here is the app known as Blogaway. Fairly easy to set up but some issues at loading blogs to read. Other than that it does have rich text. But it is difficult to use on android not having multi touch. Now ofcourse have to do a hyperlink <a href="">the final challenge</a>

    Alright well who's ready for the verdict?


    Beanie said...

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for pointing out the issue. We will fix this issue and release a new update for Blogaway.

    We will also consider your suggestions for the usability of the app, and try to re-design the app for a better user experience.

    Blogaway Team

    Beanie said...

    Hi Brian,

    This issue has been fixed. The new update is now available on the market.