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    The Force Unleashed-er

    Yea thats right tonight at the VGAs on Spike along with a handful of other reveals came the newest offering from Lucasarts. It seems that we are getting to dive back into the role of Starkiller and his crazy force powers, and honestly who doesn't want to do that?
    What? Oh you want to see the trailer? No problem... Trailer

    Yea its all CG but that didn't stop us from salivating over the first game before it released. If you'll remember that's all we had for awhile so hey its not like its a new thing. From what little the trailer reveals we can assume Starkiller lived (spoiler alert if you didn't beat the first game) and he is dealing with some emotional stuff following the right path, etc.

    Then the coup de grace, dude whips out dual sabers and brains a big beastie thing (I feel so bad I don't know what it's called. Shame on me) then the trailer ends but not all hope dies with it friends, oh no. At the end of the trailer is a link to a website:

    There you can register for a newsletter and view what I assume will be an HD trailer on the 14th (Monday) if you aren't cool like me and already have it on your website.

    Anyway, really intrigued by this and I am sure all you nerds are too. Until next time...

    ~Ride Hard, Game On!

    p.s. next time expect a full recap of the VGAs

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