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    So yea the VGAs...

    E Alright so I watched the VGAs on Spike that I got on my DVR. I was dissapointed honestly. I mean they play it up as this huge event that rocks the gaming world forevar!!!1! Needless to say for me it didn't. I really don't care about like watching Snoop Dogg (nothing against the D-O double G) but like celebrities are great and all but I really feel like it takes some of the focus off the games. That might be just me though. I guess it would be different if I attended in person, or if I was hanging with some friends scarfing pizza and laughing at Tony Hawk's smushed face. To be fair Hawk did have a good joke about Action/Adventure games.

    As you can see my major gripes are about the presentation, not the actual awards. Honestly I could care less who Spike TV thinks has the best original soundtrack, or the best male voice actor. (Mark Hammil got robbed lol) If I like a game, I like it and don't care what people think. (yea I am talking to everyone who gave me crap about Too Human) Like I cant even give an opinion on 3 of the 4 nominees for Game of the Year because I haven't played them, but I hear Uncharted 2 is the schizz and I really wanna play it. Sadly I don't see a PS3 in my future, atleast not for the next few years. College and all you know

    The real reason to watch this thing is the trailers, and the hot chick from house.

    There were some good trailers to be sure:
    A Batman Game
    Crackdown 2
    Halo: Reach
    Medal of Honor
    Prince of Persia
    Spec Ops
    Tron Evolution
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

    So you can check all the trailers out at Spike's VGA site

    Well I gotta go because it is 3AM and I have 2 exams in the morning.

    ~Ride Hard, Game On!


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